Prayer Requests

Would you please support us with your prayers during this process? These are some of the specific requests we have:
  • Please pray for the arrangements and care of our 3 children while we travel. Pray they will have peace and comfort while we're away. FINALIZING THE DETAILS!

      • Please pray for the financial provision we will need to make this happen. I know the money is chump change in God's eye's, but it's pretty big in our eyes. And we will need it SOON. We've been very blessed by many generous donations! We still need $23,000 to be fully-funded. Pray that God will touch the hearts of those He wants to help us on this mission.
      • Please pray for our travel arrangements - for great airfare rates and in-country lodging & travel rates. Pray for safety while we travel and no weather-related travel delays.
      • For a quick court date and a judge that has a big heart for adoption.
        • Please pray for our family and our new girls, that we will all be prepared for the changes and transitions that will come. Pray God will prepare their hearts to receive us to be their parents. Pray for their good health during our travels.
        • Please pray for the facilitation team that we will be working with in their country. These are people we have never met, but we will be putting our trust in them while we are there to get us through the intricate process to adopt our kids. Pray they will be honest, ethical and will do their jobs efficiently and well. 
        • Please pray for favor - we are hoping the orphanage director and officials will be willing and able to keep the girls there at the baby house until we can get there next month. I want to minimize the number of moves and the trauma of too many changes for them. SO FAR THEY ARE STILL THERE! (9/1/11)
          •  (6/15/2011) - Pray for the many children who are or will be affected directly by proposed changes to adoption laws. Pray for those people who are diligently advocating especially for the children with special needs. Pray for those making the decisions to have a compassionate heart for these children. Advocates are working hard to encourage lawmakers to expand the list of qualifying special needs in order to allow more children to be adopted who are under 5 years old.
          • Please pray for our paperwork process - that it will go quickly and smoothly. SO FAR - SO GOOD! 
          • (6/15/2011) - Pray that the recently scheduled processing delays in-country will be minimal and we can be ready to submit our application just as soon as they re-open the adoption process. ANSWERED!
          • (9/1/11) Pray that the Immigration Officer will process and approve our application QUICKLY! The sooner we get approval, the sooner we can submit our paperwork to the country. ANSWERED!!!