Friday, November 4, 2011

The Wait Continues

Just putting up a post to let you know that there's nothing new to report right now. We haven't heard anything official about when things will begin moving again. We are not expecting to hear any news for maybe another 2-4 weeks.

We have done absolutely everything we can do on this side of things. It truly is completely out of our hands and there is nothing we can do personally,  in our own power, to move it along any faster. Well, we can pray, but that's ALL we can do at this point. We just have to wait on the government department to complete the administrative business they need to do for the changeover. We pray that the employees and officials there will be able to complete all the work quickly so many children and families can be together soon.

So, the wait continues... and we continue to pray for the girls - for their health, comfort and safety during this delay.



  1. Praying for your sweet girls, Carrie! And that your wait is short!

  2. What a long wait! I will continue to pray as well. Thank you for the update.