Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring in Texas

I just love the Spring weather in Texas.  My all-time favorite part is the beautiful Bluebonnet flowers that blanket the fields this time of year.  Here are a few pictures from the last two weeks as we have enjoyed the fantastic Spring weather!

Hannah on the swing.

BIG smiles!

Sarah and Naomi - Sisters!

 Do you notice the green grass?  The drought we've had the past two years left our pastures dry and dusty.  We've been blessed by good rains over the last 3 months, so we have some thick, deep grass now.  The girls have NEVER put their bare little feet on grass before. So we tried it out.... and as of now, they are NOT impressed!  Too funny!  I'm sure over time they'll come around as they see their brothers and sister walking in it.
Hannah has the most beautiful blue eyes.
Loving the sunshine!
All that playing just tuckered me OUT! (Hannah)
The other benefit of the rain has been the beautiful bumper crop of Bluebonnet flowers this year. And our neighbor has a fantastic patch we could take some pictures in....
We've also enjoyed some really warm days and the kids begged me to get out their little wading pool. Do you think they liked it???

You should have heard the endless laughter and squeals!  Now they could splash and make the big mess they want do in the bathtub.

And i just have to share this one since it's so funny.... Naomi doesn't yet chew and eat big or hard foods, but she was sure interested in my slice of pizza one evening....
Soon enough, Little One...


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful family you are! Your children are living a dream... :)


  2. SO much fun! I love the one of (Hannah?... hard to tell) folded over asleep!

  3. They look so beautiful and healthy! What an amazing transformation. So glad you all have such a beautiful, open place for them to grow up. It must just soothe their sweet souls to have land to play on, a loving family and all that they need. Amazing!