Sunday, March 18, 2012

How's Your Heart?

February 28, 2012

I took the girls to visit the cardiologist to have their hearts checked.  If you don't know... heart defects are very common for children with Down syndrome.  There can be a wide array of defect and conditions - from holes in between the heart chambers  to valve defects, and other related conditions. Some kids require extensive surgery, others may need other procedures, some need nothing.

We met the doctor and then had an echo-cardiogram for each of them. It's basically like a sonogram of the heart and they look at everything.  They look at the walls of the heart, the dividing wall, all the chambers, the valves, from top to bottom and then some. They are able to check the directions of blood flow through the valves.  It's really fascinating to watch on their monitor.

 Naomi was the best and laid so quietly and smiled most of the entire time.  Hannah did well for most of it, but got restless toward the end.

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY to report that the doctor found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with either of their hearts!!!  So we don't have to go back for anymore visits or follow up. Praise God for great news!

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  1. That is absolutely wonderful! I am very happy for the girls and you! :)