Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Haircut - First McDonald's!

February 15, 2012

We ventured out for a couple of errands and stopped by our favorite little hair salon to get a haircuts and tidy up the little orphanage bobs.  Their bangs were way down in their eyes.  But the ladies at Great Cuts did a fantastic job!
Hannah is checking out the hair dryer.

Naomi with her fixed up new "do"!

Afterward, J & S were begging to go to McDonald's (which is right next door to the salon).  I was hesitant since it can be pretty loud in there and the girls are still getting used to all the action in their new world.  But we were all getting hungry, so we took a chance.
I want those fries!
This was fun!
It was a stretch, but it was fun to watch Hannah enjoy her very first cheeseburger Happy Meal. Naomi still doesn't eat very hard or chewy foods, so she had the yogurt parfait and a banana for lunch.  They did really well.

They didn't get out and explore the indoor playground, yet.  We'll catch all those new germs soon enough. No need to hurry...

(By the time I'm actually posting this entry I realize just how fast their hair is growing now and I'll need to take them back for new trims very, very soon!)

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  1. It is incredible, how their faces much more lively, happy, inquisitive, curious...

    You put the sparkles back in their eyes, gave them life. :)

    I love their hairstyle!!! :)