Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2012

There are many reasons why I like living in Texas.  But I think I love it most for the mild winters and the sunshine. After spending 2 months away from home, and one of those months was continual sub-freezing temperatures, I was elated to go outside and not have to wear thermals under my pants, and a heavy coat, and a hat, and a scarf, and gloves.

Today was a GORGEOUS day!  It was sunny and warm with a gentle breeze.  I could treat Hannah and Naomi to a beautiful February day outside!   A day to enjoy the sunshine for all it's worth.
Joseph, Sarah, Hannah and Naomi

Sarah came up with the terrific idea of giving them a ride in the wagon.  I have to wonder, but I really don't think they've ever ridden in a wagon before.

 They really seemed to enjoy being outdoors again since out short little outing back in December.  We're looking forward to many more sunny days and basking in the warm days.


  1. So what did they think of the cows?
    They all look wonderful..Thanks for sharing

  2. I love seeing them home and enjoying freedom!

  3. Greetings Eubanks!

    What a Joy to see your family outside; now, THAT looks like a nice play area!

    In some ways, it seems so long ago that we were sitting in Pizza Bella enjoying fellowship together. And, let us not forget about the "mall" ;-)

    I hope that your household continues to blossom in Christ!