Friday, February 3, 2012

Days 55 & 56 -

Here's one picture we did catch in the car on the way to the passport office...
Car ride to the passport office.
Poor Shawna could barely move being stuffed into the snowsuit like a Kielbasa sausage. And just to note... that is thick frost on the INSIDE of the car windows!  The rear-window defroster could only thaw the ice where the heating elements are.

Thursday, February 2nd - Happy Groundhog Day!

We two little groundhogs can finally see our shadow that's cast from the light at the end of the tunnel!  But we will NOT have 6 more weeks until Spring - more like 7-8 days!  When we land in Texas we'll be welcomed home by warm weather!  Today the temperature here, this morning, was -23C/-9F while back home in Texas it was at least 23C/74F!  Oh, that warm weather will feel heavenly.

Today we picked up the visa photos for the girls and I have to say the photographer did a great job. As wiggly as Lindsay was, he managed to get a good photo that meets all the picky qualifications for the US Embassy.

Day 56 - Our Last Official Visit!

We went to the orphanage this morning for our last, and final limited visit.  The girls were happy to see us, and were full of smiles and giggles.  Both girls seemed very peaceful this morning, too.  Sorry, but we only got a few videos today.

We're looking forward to Monday afternoon when we will go and pick them up and begin our trip back home.  We have to stop in the capital city to complete the immigration paperwork before be board a flight to come HOME!  We can hardly wait!  The excitement and anticipation is building!

This weekend we plan to catch up our laundry and start packing our things. We'll catch church again on Sunday, and then hit the ground running on Monday!


  1. yah!! congrats!! so so so close now :)

  2. They look SO cute bundled up! Love their hats.

  3. I cannot wait until Monday when you bust those girls out!