Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 62 - Visas In Hand!

So today we had our second appointment to return to the Embassy and sign and complete the applications.  Our appointment was for early afternoon, so we were taking it easy this morning and hanging out.  Lee happened to check our email and saw that we had an email asking us to come a little earlier.  Well, OK!

We got ready quickly and grabbed a few snacks for the kids since we knew it would take a little while.  Poor Hannah.  It was too close to lunch time and she was getting hungry.  We had to break out the food a little earlier than expected, but it worked out.

We arrived and turned in the paperwork from the medical exam yesterday.  The consular representative told us it would be about an hour before the visas would be printed and ready.  Then he extended a special invitation to us and the three other adopting families that had appointments today.  The US Ambassador was wanting to have a small reception to meet and greet us!  What a treat! So while we waited we had a nice time visiting with the other families and sharing stories.

We have experienced quite a few firsts while we've been here.  Now I can add going into an American Embassy overseas and meeting a US Ambassador to the list!

Now we're back at the apartment and getting ready for our trip in the morning. 

We had a bit of dinner...
And then baths and hanging out in our PJs (that fit...).
Who needs toys? Empty bottles make great musical instruments!
Yoga, anyone? Doing a few exercises before I go to sleep.

Please pray that our trip will be swift, easy, boring and uneventful.  I like boring!

Dasvidanya! (Good bye for now!)

Niko is coming to get us at 4am to take us to the airport.   Off to finish packing!   Our next report will be from the other side of the globe!


  1. It must have the Ambassador's lucky day - to get to meet you and your new sweet daughters!

  2. That was swift now! Have a safe journey home! :)

    Ps: The pictures are lovely, even the visits and those few days with you have made such a positive impact on the girls, it is quite obvious. Such curious, happy little girls! The sky is the limit now...

  3. Woo hoo...thanks for posting - love the pictures!

  4. The picture of Naomi and those footed jammies is Priceless.. you're in the homestretch now!! Godspeed Eubank Family!!

  5. You were in the same apartment as us! Did you happen to find a bunch of food left in the cabinet ;-)?

    I truly hope you do not get caught up in the cold weather flight delays...

    Soli Deo Gloria!