Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fingerprints again!

Oh, goody! I just got some fantastic letters in the mail yesterday.... our fingerprinting appointments!

As part of our US Immigration and Visa processing, we will have to have fingerprints taken to make sure we're not some mean, old bad guys running from the law or showcased on America's Most Wanted. HA! Anyone who knows us knows that couldn't be further from the truth! We already had to leave prints and prove we aren't criminals at the State level, but the Feds and Homeland Security will need to be assured that we're on the up-and-up, too.

The next step after our fingerprinting will be to have an Immigration Officer review our homestudy and application for approval. Then USCIS will send us a form letter (I-171H) stating that we are pre-approved to adopt an orphan from another country. This is an important step in getting the travel visas from the US Embassy that allow the children to travel and enter the US with us.

Please pray that this processing and approval will go quickly without having to call and pester someone for it.

In the international adoption world, this little one-page form letter is lovingly known as your
"GOLDEN TICKET". When we get that letter in the mail, we can cue Grandpa Joe and Charlie Puckett and start dancing and singing!

It may be only a matter of a few weeks away!



  1. Excited for you! Now that you have the appointments - you don't have to wait to the appointment date - you can just bring your letter and go to get your fingerprints done - as a "walk-in"

  2. Whoot whoot! Yay for fingerprinting :) I know how much closer this gets you to the I-171. Praying for smooth sailing the rest of the way!

  3. We "walked in" (3 weeks early) and got our prints done, super easy!Just be sure to call about 3 days later so your officer knows to look for them, otherwise they won't start looking until after your appointment date.