Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Little Story About Us - Written by my Pal, KD Mc

This here's a little story 'bout a friend named....

(ok, Carrie)

And she happens to be one of my bestest friends in the world..
We actually learned to live w/each other Before we decided we liked each other
Now.. that there would be some most excellent advice for married folks if you ask me
'cause you gotta live w/em like Forever!!

Anyway.. this is Care and we have decided we will always have to be friends cause we just know waayy too much about each other .. or we might have to kill the person if we part ways...

I can't even begin (nor would I ever admit)  to all the crap I got  her into and she got me out of in those indiscretionary days I'm proud to say our kids will never hear about cause we will both be senile by the time they are old enough to think up such questions.  You see.. we both had our kids so dang late in life that we could possibly be so old and senile we won't even know we Have grandkids.  Ok.. so that's really me I'm talking about cause Carrie really has it all together.. 

To know her is to love her.. She's got the greatest laugh and biggest heart out there.  And she was quite fortunate to marry a terrific fella who shared her same beliefs.  
This is Carrie and Lee and their brood of future domestic inheritors.
She's got a few traits that I really admire.
Don't let those huge baby blues & Irish red hair fool ya.  She's the very best Spanish interpretor you want hanging around when some trash talking hispanic fellas are chatting merrily away about you in a restaurant.  And her response line to them as you quite calmly and ever so cooly make your exit is priceless. 

From the first week I knew her, she told me she had never lived outside of her hometown.  And she had always wanted to move away and see the world.
Dang!!  She wasn't kidding.. She moved clear across the pond and into the desert with her little family.
And not only is she cool under pressure.. She also doesn't SWEAT!!
This photo was taken while she and her family were living abroad in Abu Dhabi and the heat made the 104 degree heat we are experiencing feel like a February breeze.

But they are stateside again now living on a farm.  She has broadened her brood to include things that say "Moo!" & "Look What I brought for supper"

And she homeschools her oldest and now her youngest child too.
Her middle she sends on the bus cause he's a lucky fella and he gets to hang with his friends at school.
Nathan was born in the Fall of 2004 and was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome.
He's such an incredibly blessed precious guy cause his parents saw immediately and right through the lovingly special gift that God had placed in their charge but more so in their hearts.

And as if running a farm, homeschooling and all just isn't enough..
Well she has recently taught herself how to quilt quite well..
Oh yea.. She's even entered some in contests.. the luck!!

So you see.. we both had careers first then families while Old..
While I'm off house hunting (No not the HGTV where you get 3 choices)
I'm actually Looking for my house under all the dust, crap and junk.
And my Thing 1 & Thing 2 are like this:
This is what she's blessed with or is it her sills?
and better yet this (while out in public no less)
Arghh.. some moms have all the luck~

So while mine have me yearning something to console my nerves..

What does she want? Oh you'd never guess..
Just really 2 more who really need blessed..
you see "Lindsay"
and "Shawna"
are waiting in a far away land
where the people don't see them with hearts, love or homes
They treat them with futures of institutions so cruel..
to eat nothing but gruel
But ones where they are left without love, stimulation or any
hope of developing into the girls God needs them to be
They have so much to teach us, to show us and prove
That they are far better than me or than you
All because they are special and born with DS
They are treated so loosely as if they don't matter
When Carrie & Lee and others scream chatters!!

We will take them to love
To hold oh so dearly to teach
from guidance above

I can't think of a better family to open their hearts, homes and
love than this family...
They wanted to adopt one until they fell in love with both girls.  You see
these two precious girls are best friends and have probably
been the only thing keeping them sane and ok in the conditions they are in

They are fighting a fast moving clock
For anyday now the girls can be moved into
a regular institution with adults with other problems as well

Please help this Exceptionally Wonderful family
bring them home where they will be nurtured and loved

Times are hard.. $5.00 can go along way
All donations may be accessed thru the link to the right
and they are completely tax deductible..
if you can't find that..then please pray that
they can get them home..
Hopefully by Thanksgiving of this year
two very special girls will be celebrating the best gift all
A loving family that anxiously awaits..

Please pass this along if you feel so inclined
Every little bit helps

*Care.. please note that no incriminating photos were used for this presentation
and I'm not sure the statute of limitations has run out on some of those things we won't discuss..
Love ya my dear dear friend!!


  1. Oh gosh...that is lovely...! :))


  2. Absolutely FABULOUS CareBear!!!!! (my bff is a red headed CareBear too)

  3. Love this post! Love the pictures--esp the cow drinking from the baby pool. It is lovely to hear about you from a friend's perspective. Love love love