Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Matching Challenge! Let's Help!

UPDATE 7/21 - 12:15pm - Oh my Goodness! Her grant is now over $16,500 on Reece's Rainbow and I hear that it does not yet reflect the $5000 worth of matching grants that have been promised to her the donors. God is Great and I can hardly wait to see the family that will commit to give her a great life!

UPDATE: 7/20 - 9:45am - Woohoo!!! Teri Lynn's grant fund is over $10K now! But don't stop giving since this is only about 1/3 of what her family will need to bring her home.

UPDATE: 7/19 - 8:45pm - Her grant fund is now up to $8800. Just $1200 will put her at $10K!

So many people are sharing and praying and spreading the word all over the place about little Teri Lynn and her bleak situation. In just a matter of a couple of days, there is now almost $7500 in her own adoption grant fund! It was only about $300 last week. God is so amazing! What a blessing for the family that will say YES to her!

Adeye at No Greater Joy Mom just shared that one of her blog readers has issued a MATCHING CHALLENGE. They will match dollar-for-dollar for the next $2500 donated to her grant in the next few days! If we can do it, Teri Lynn will have over $12,500 in her grant fund to help her forever family go get her and bring her home!

Contributions to Teri Lynn via the Reece's Rainbow page are tax deductible. If you decide to make a donation soon, it can easily be doubled by the matching challenge. Even a $5 or $10 donation WILL make a big difference for this child and for her forever family.

She NEEDS to come home and be a little PRINCESS, not the prisoner I see in this second picture.


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