Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet Teri Lynn and Josiah

When I think of moving, it brings to mind two different sets of thoughts. There's the excitement of a new place, a change of scenery, a new home, and new things to see and do, and starting over. Then there are the sad thoughts of leaving friends and family, your old neighborhood, your church, familiar stores and restaurants, and starting over. Depending on how you approach it, it can be an exciting, good thing, or a sad, not-so-good thing, or a mix of emotions somewhere in the middle.

But the idea of moving - for children in an orphanage, well, it's not so good.

Meet Teri Lynn. She's listed on Reece's Rainbow. She's 5-1/2 years old now. Isn't she cute? I just love the pig-tail in her hair and her cute little cheeks. I'm not sure exactly how old she is in this photo.

Somewhere between 4-6 years old, most children are moved from the baby houses they start out in to a mental institution that houses people from 4yrs old to older adults. Some might be moved to a facility for older children with special needs before they are moved to the adult facility. As expected, Teri Lynn was transferred to an institution.... and this the most recent picture of her now....

BREAKS MY HEART! She looks awful! I really had to look hard to be sure it was the same child. She looks so sad, not that she was even smiling in the first picture, but it's as if you can see the life and light just drained from her eyes. They shave the children's hair for easier keeping and I'm sure to prevent lice. The ratio of caregiver to child increases dramatically and they do not have the stimulation of attention or toys to keep their minds active and growing. They have to fight to survive being the smallest and newest children there. They will likely have the older children taking food from them. Many children who are transferred will die within the first 2 years of being transferred due to severe neglect and losing the will to live.

 And meet Josiah. What a precious, handsome little boy! He's just turned 7yrs old.  If I hadn't already been drawn to our girls, he'd definitely be next on my list of favorites! He was transferred from the baby house to the institution last fall.

Last April (2011), an adoptive family was visiting their child when they recognized Josiah. She wrote this about him: "Josiah was transferred to his current place in October, 2010.  He has lost a noticeable amount of weight. He is desperate for personal attention and stimulation.  The caretakers at the orphanage really do not know what to do with him. He is very outgoing and has a huge smile for anyone that is willing to give him the time of day. He gets along well with the other children in the groupa and listens well to his caretakers. He walks and runs, and plays, and feeds himself, but he seems to have slipped into survival mode here and is regressing fast.  I feel VERY STRONGLY that he needs out of this place!"

Will you please help to share their stories and PRAY that a family will find and choose them. They need families desperately to rescue them from this horrible existence! You can also consider a donation to Teri Lynn's Grant fund or to the Older Boys' Grant to help a family bring them home. No gift is ever too small.

I cringe at the thought of Shawna or Lindsay meeting with this fate. And they are so very, very close... We've been told that they will be moved to an institution in the Fall. That is why we are working hard and praying harder that we will be able to submit our petition to adopt and reach them before they are moved. Please pray we can reach our girls before that happens.



  1. Two children so close to my heart, my eyes brimming with tears as I think of what their little lives must be like everyday. Please Lord, let their families find them, please...

  2. I will share your blog entry on fb. My heart too broke for Teri Lynn and Josiah. I hope they will find their forever families soon!