Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update on Teri Lynn and Josiah

 I just read on another blog this evening that Teri Lynn has recently been adopted! Praise God! I'm so glad to know she has a family and no longer in an institution. So many people prayed, cried and were so moved and generous on her behalf.

It seems information from her country was slow to make it's way down the pike. Since she was adopted outside of a connection with Reece's Rainbow advocacy ministry,  if you made a donation to Reece's Rainbow for Teri Lynn's grant fund in the recent appeals for her, you may contact Michelle with Reece's Rainbow (michelle@reec...) to discuss if you might like to reallocate your donation to another waiting child/ren or receive a refund of your donation.

And please continue to pray for precious Josiah. He's still waiting and still needs a family. He needs a Mommy soon to kiss that sweet face.

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