Friday, July 8, 2011

Great News!

I just got an email that has makes me so SO HAPPY!!! Doing a little happy dance over here!

Shawna and Lindsay's country has voted to CONTINUE processing adoptions for the children with special needs during the department closure and reorganization! That is amazing news! It's great news for so many families that were put on hold to wonder and wait. Especially for those that supposedly "missed it" by less than 2 weeks. God is so good!

There is still some more PRAYING to do...The government needs to expand the list of approved or qualified special needs for children under 5yrs old to be adopted internationally. There are many, many kids with significant needs who will have to wait much too long if that list is not expanded.

Of course, we are plugging away at our paperwork and getting things together. We weren't anywhere close to submission, so the delay just meant it would be a bit longer before we could. But now, this means that we will not have to wait until October or November to submit our petition. We can do it just as soon as we have everything ready! August, maybe? That's what I'm shooting for. That means that it's entirely possible we could complete our adoption by the end of the year! Oh, happy tears!

That also means we need to kick up the prayers for financial provision. After reading about George Mueller in England, I know God can do it!

Please keep us in your prayers! God is listening!



  1. Happy tears and doing the happy dance! August would be excellent. We need to get those girls home sooner rather than later. I know so many other families were devastated when they learned that they might have to wait until Oct/Nov. Keeping you in my prayers!

  2. Here's to Christmas with Lindsay and Shawna sitting under your Christmas tree as the very best Christmas presents ever! :)


  3. Praising God!!!