Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's On the Way!

Our dossier has been shipped to Eastern Europe!  

If all goes well, it should arrive this Friday, the 23rd!

Once our facilitators receive it, we will wait for the documents to be translated. Then they will be submitted to the government department over adoptions. They will review our documents and, if all is found acceptable, we will be issued an appointment date to come and accept the referrals to meet the girls.

By my best guess, it will likely be the very end of October to early November that we will travel there.

I'm still working on childcare arrangements here at home, so if you could please pray over this, we would appreciate it.


1 comment:

  1. It's the countdown now... :)

    I am praying that it will all go well, that your children will be fine while you pick up their siblings from EE, that they won't miss you too much, that you will look into your babies' eyes at the orphanage and know once again in your heart that they are the ones, and that they will settle into your family smoothly with a snug fit as the last two missing puzzle pieces to make your family complete. What a family it will be! :)

    Just think, another month or so, and they will be in your arms! It puts tears in my eyes... :)