Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Oh, So Close!!!

Oh, boy! We are getting so close to completing the paperwork!!!

We've just finished 3 of the last 5 documents we need to complete our dossier! One of those two documents we need is out of our control and in the hands of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.

So here's our BIG Prayer Requests for now:

1.  That the officer will process our application and we'll get our approval letter QUICKLY!

2.  That God will provide ALL the funds we still need for this adoption before we travel. It's very possible we could travel sometime in October.

Right now we have $5939 in grant funds with Reece's Rainbow. This grant will be available to us when we get our appointment to visit their country and start making travel arrangements. We have another $615 that was donated toward our up-front expenses. At this point, we are needing approximately $23,000 to be fully-funded to travel without worry. I will post another page on here that will outline what just where the money and expenses go.

I can hardly wait to go and hug on these little angels!


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