Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Does it COST?

Where Are We?

$29,710           Total Estimated Costs for Adopting Shawna and Lindsay

$5938              Reeces’ Rainbow Grant Funds (as of Sept 1, 2011)
$611                Other donations/funds given directly to us

$23,150           Remaining needed to be fully-funded

Our grant funds with Reece's Rainbow will be made available to us when we get our appointments and travel dates.We're so very close!

What Does It Cost to Adopt Where We Are Going?

$1,400             Homestudy  (includes all additional fees for  training, certified documents and medical exams)
$890                USCIS (I600a Application and fingerprinting fees)
$720                USCIS - second child’s application to be paid at US Embassy
$11,000           Facilitator Fees * (for two children)
$6,000             Flights - International, 2 trips for parents, 2 one-ways for the girls
$2,100             Lodging/Food/Other supplies (first trip, 3wks)
$1,500             Lodging/Food/Other supplies (second trip, 2 weeks)
$1,200             Passports for 2 children
$1,100             Visa and Medicals for both children
$3,000             Transportation in-country/region
$800                Assorted costs for Dossier preparation (postage, copies, apostille fees, criminal history reports, international delivery service, etc). These have been paid out of pocket by us.

$29,710           Total Estimated Costs for Adopting Shawna and Lindsay

* Faciliation Fees include:  Review of all dossier documents, translation of all documents submitted to SDA & courts, notarization fees, submission of dossier to Adoption Authority in country, working with adoption authority through completion of adoption, representation before all government agencies and courts in-country, in-country bureaucratic and legal fees (including expediting fees), translation of documents required for US Embassy visas, orphanage donations. Fee is $9000 for adoption of one child, $2000 for adoption of an additional child in the same orphanage. There are several people that work on the facilitation team to assist our adoption - from those behind the scenes translating our documents to representatives going before the SDA and courts with us.


  1. I am reposting this because people truly wonder what all of the money is for. Excellent break down of costs.

  2. You are going up again on the Forget Me Not Friday. Hopefully it will bring more traffic.