Monday, September 12, 2011

Just One More...

Just one more little piece of paper.... that's all!

Well, I have pretty much completed all the paperwork that I can, up to this point. There are only 3 more pages that are printed and waiting for notarized signatures, and I plan to finish those this week. All in all, it's pretty much DONE!

We are now waiting on the USCIS (Immigration) approval that gives us the US authorization to adopt and allows the girls to become US citizens.

Will you please join me in praying fervently that the immigration officer will process our application quickly?

We need that "Golden Ticket!" 

It was explained to me today that they have some folks from other areas or departments coming in to process applications. Well, we've been assigned to one of the new folks. Our guy does not have a desk phone or voice mail extension that I can contact him directly to find out where it is.  I have sent an email to the general inbox, and all I can do is wait and pray for a quick reply. So all I know at this point is that our application is still "under review."

At least I know God is still in the Miracles and Mountain-Moving business... So I'm praying for a little miracle here....

The sooner we get our approval, the sooner we can travel and meet Shawna and Lindsay.


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