Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"I've got a Golden Ticket!"

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of our favorite movies around here (the old one with Gene Wilder, not the newer remake) and I've always liked the song when Charlie and Grandpa Joe sing, "I've got a Golden Ticket!"

Well, we're singing it loud and strong today!



That's code in adoption language for the US government's approval to adopt a foreign child.

This is the last piece of paperwork that we needed to complete our dossier. I will get this last document signed and notarized, we will be able to send our complete package off to Eastern Europe. When it's received we will request an appointment for permission to adopt the girls!

It's coming together fast now!
Hang on for a wild ride!

So here are our next Prayer Requests:
  • Getting childcare lined up for our kids while we are traveling. We will be gone 3-4 weeks on the first trip.
  • For great airfare rates and travel expenses.
  • For God to provide the remaining funds we will need for the in-country expenses.
  • That God will prepare the girls' hearts and minds to meet and receive us.
  • For a quick court date and a judge that has a heart for adoption.


  1. HI, Carrie! I've been following your journey since you committed to Shawna and Lindsey. Very happy for all of you. Our paperwork just arrived in country yesterday. We are hoping to adopt Kathleen and Gayle. Maybe we'll travel around the same time. God Bless!

  2. Greetings!

    This is Stephanie's (comment above) husband Corey. What Joy it was when we saw that Shawna and Lindsey had been committed to.

    I recall how they both tugged at my heart as we were giving prayerful consideration over all of the waiting children on the RR site. They were 2 of the several children that led me to write a post on our blog entitled "Bittersweet"...

    May the Lord continue to reveal to you His Will with regard to bringing these 2 precious girls into your household. My He also keep revealing to you the abundant Grace He continually provides every moment of every day...

  3. Congrats, Carrie! Praying for you and Shawna and Lindsey. :). Can't wait to see them finally meet their Mama!