Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 11 - Going Outside

From the cold, rainy weather yesterday, we awoke to a beautiful sunny day. Cold, but sunny with no wind! Perfect!

Our driver picked us up and we had to stop to pick up a document from the city official's office.

We arrived at the orphanage and another adopting family had arrived before us and was using our usual visiting place... the little foyer/entry area. So we ended up having to use the enclosed porch area, which was super cold. It was only 1C (about 34F) outside.

The nanny brought the girls out dressed in coats and hats. We understood them to tell us we could only stay on the porch, but not go outside. And Lindsay kept trying to get over to the door. She really, really wanted to go outside!
Bundled up to go outside

All I can say it we had our coats on and it was chilly in there. The girls hands were cold and we kept holding their hands to try to keep them warm. At one point, Lee took his gloves and put them on Lindsay's hands. It was so funny looking at her looking at the big gloves on her hand. It looked like a pair of giant puppets!

Valentine went to the office and tried to get permission to take the girls over to the big building to hang out inside. That building is quarantined for illnesses right now, so that wasn't going to be an option. Instead, he was able to talk to the nanny and get permission for us to take the girls outside and around the grounds in the strollers. So off we went!
Enjoying the sunshine

The weather was beautiful, and actually it felt a little warmer when we were able to get out into the sunshine. The girls really enjoyed it! Daddy would stop the stroller for a bit to stop and look at something, and Lindsay would rock in the stroller like she was trying to get it to go forward. She was NOT interested in stopping! Shawna was perfectly content to sit in the stroller and take in the scenery.
Shawna smiling!

When our time was almost us, we headed back toward the pink house. Lindsay began shaking her head "no." I don't think she was quite ready to go back inside. It was lunch time, so we handed them back over to the nanny and said our goodbyes. Our visit seemed to end so quickly, but we'll be back tomorrow.

We did a little paper-chasing afterward to get another document that needs to go to the capital city overnight.

So from what I understand, we have much of the paperwork in the right offices and our attorney can go to the local court tomorrow to request a court date for us. We'll see what the news will be tomorrow... Our hope is to have a date before the end of this year.... as in.... before the end of next week! The sooner the better!

If you think of us, please pray that the timing of all the paperwork will be perfect. I heard today that the American Embassy visa office will be closing for two days in January to move offices. It has the potential to fall smack-dab in the middle of us trying to get the entry visas for the kids to come home.


  1. It is so lovely to read about the girls' personalities!

    They look adorable all bundled up in their winter coats and hats! :)

    I will pray that it all goes well with the paperwork, so you can bring them home quickly!


  2. Carrie & Lee,

    The photos from today are just adorable. It makes me a little "homesick" seeing the familiar sights again. We will be praying that you get a court date very soon. Can't wait to see more pictures :)

  3. Wonderful pictures! Glad you were able to get outside. I love seeing them together with you. God answered our prayers but not as we even expected! I am so glad they will be sisters!.

  4. You and your beautiful family are in my thoughts and prayers *hugs* Your girls are beautiful!!

  5. So it sound like you have a genuine snuggle bunny and ring tailed tooter.. You will stay very busy. I can't wait to see Lindsay with the cow. Sarah will have fun introducing her. So glad your trip is going well. Will continue w/ prayers for yall..Iimloving these updates.. thanks bunches!! Love ya~

  6. I will pray for the timing to be perfect. Paperwork seem to be one of the real hassles of adoption, I hope it turns out the best way for you.

    The girls really are adorable! I can't wait to see them home, playing and learning every day. Thank you so much for your updates and pictures!