Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 9 - Second Visit

We were able to visit with the girls again today!

Here are a couple pictures from our visit today. The first one is my favorite!
Shawna, Daddy, and Lindsay

Daddy and Shawna

Mommy and Lindsay
All I have to say is that Lindsay is a ball full of energy! She wants to be busy and doesn't want to sit still! We are meeting in a little foyer/entry area and there is really no where to let her get down and move around... boo! It is taboo to be on the floor without a carpet or blanket, so we were trying to keep her entertained either in our laps or sitting on a chair. When she has been on the floor for a second or two, we noticed that she likes to get around by scooting around on her bottom, much like Nathan did before he started walking. Brought back fond memories....

Shawna may be a snuggler... she's so quiet and seems perfectly content to just sit on your lap and watch. Whenever I talked to her, I was able to get a smile from her. She is quite a bit further delayed than Lindsay, but that's ok. We'll have plenty of time to work through it.

Daddy was able to capture more of  Lindsay's attention when he brought out his phone. Boy did she like that! He played some music and she was cute when she was singing along and swaying to the music. She like the pictures, too! He was showing her pictures of brothers and sister.

As we finished our visit and the girls left to have lunch, there was another family who was arriving to visit their child. Remember the little one who cried yesterday, looking for her Mama and Papa? It was them! They were returning for another visit with her. We had a few moments to visit with them, and they seem to be very nice. They are from Italy and have adopted from this country before. We will probably get to see them many more times over the next few weeks. :)

Later we were able to meet up with the Kimbles and had dinner at a good Italian restaurant. The pizza was delicious!

We plan to meet up with an American couple that lives here and go to church with them tomorrow morning.

The weather forecast is calling for rain and some snow in the next day or two. We'll see how my little boots are going to hold up to the temperatures and keep my toes warm.




  1. Such beautiful pictures!! The girls look so happy! Can't wait to see more pictures each day!!!
    Patty Lococo

  2. I love the ribbons in their hair! They are such pretty little girls... :)


  3. They are beautiful!! So happy for you all!!

  4. Cute pictures! I too love the ribbons! Loving hearing all about your visits together! Dream come true!

  5. I'm so happy to see them! Wow, can't wait to see how they thrive in a family.