Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 21 - Fun times!

We had a great visit today! They both greeted us with smiles and giggles when we arrived. We had sunshine today, but chose to stay indoors so we didn't have to use the big green snowsuits again. :)

Lindsay was in an especially good mood today. She spent quite a bit of time in my arms as we danced to some music that was playing in the other room. Then I hummed some Disney songs and we danced a little more. She really liked it and she would rest her head on my shoulder at times. It was sweet!

I also brought a hand-held mirror with my today that I found in the apartment. She had a good time watching herself in the mirror while she was making babbling sounds. She liked to put her face close to the glass and fog the mirror and watch it disappear. I think this will make a good speech therapy tool...
Lindsay making faces in the mirror.

Shawna was her regular, sweet little self. They had changed her diaper right when we got there, and I was surprised that they didn't put the stockings back on her legs. Her little legs are so tiny and thin. We'll have to start some physical therapy when we get home to put some muscle on them and get her walking and running. She wasn't too interested in the mirror, but she enjoyed the bead necklace again.

Our visit seemed to pass quickly today.

We did have one fun highlight to the visit today. As we were visiting, Lee had Lindsay in his lap and I had Shawna in mine. Lee began singing an old church song, The Rock of My Soul "and the bosom of Abraham," with Lindsay. She was smiling and enjoying it. Well, there was another lady's voice that joined him in singing the song. Lee thought I was singing along and then he realized I wasn't. He looks around to see one of the nannies coming down the stairs with a child and she was the one singing along with him in Russian!!! She was smiling from ear to ear to be singing along with him!  I think Lee scored some points!  She's one of the really sweet nannies, too. We could tell that she really cares for the kids there.

It was a good day!

Paka, paka!


  1. I'm glad that all of your visits are going so well. The girls look so happy. Still praying for you guys and a court date!
    Happy New Year,
    Patty Lococo

  2. They are so precious! I'm so happy for you! Happy New Year!