Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 20 - We had Sunshine,

But it was a little too windy to enjoy it with the kids. :(
A sunny day! Two churches we see from our apartment window.
We arrived today with a beautiful sunny day. We had Edward ask the nannies if we could take the girls outside for a ride in the strollers. After a bit of a discussion, they agreed that we could, but only for 30 minutes. We waited about 20 minutes, and one of the nannies came out to bundle the girls up in a couple of new, bright-neon-green, sub-arctic snow suits. Then add the hats and boots. The thermometer on the car said it was 4C degrees outside (39.2F degrees). With your coat zipped up, it was actually a pretty, nice day outside.

Once the girls were bundled, we put on our own coats and headed outside. Lindsay started crying - a REAL cry, tears and all! That's the first time we've ever seen her cry. Even when she hit the back of her head on the little bench, she barely flinched. We knew something was up. We thought maybe she was upset and that it would remedy once we got outdoors. Well, no dice. She cried more, and the tears continued. So Lee picked her up and took her back to the room. They undressed her snow suit and adjusted the shoulder straps since they seemed tight. She settled down and Lee and Lindsay headed back outside. She began crying again.  We were at a loss. Something was obviously upsetting her. We all went back in again, and I removed the snow suit again and she started to calm down. It was off and she was still upset, so I was able to love on her and soothe her and she finally was back to her usual smiling self.  All we can think is that the suit was too restrictive or something. I know if I was in that whole get-up, I would have been clawing to get out of it, too!

While Lindsay was upset, Shawna didn't seem to mind the big green snowsuit, so we had stayed out a few minutes longer than Lee and Lindsay did. But the wind was strong from the North and made it feel much colder than it was. She also didn't seem too excited about the swing. So we headed back in and met up with Lee and Lindsay as they were coming back outside for the second time.

With all the commotion, we didn't get any pictures in the Incredible Hulk snow jackets.

So, our outside  adventure for the day kind of flopped. But it still worked out well. While we were playing inside, the other adopting family shared their markers and coloring book with Lindsay. She was scribbling on the paper with a yellow marker! So she does seem to have a concept for coloring. I was happy to see that.

Here's Lindsay cleaning the side of the lockers after we had used the wet wipe to clean the markers off her hands!

For some reason, most of the kids in the groupa house had to go for a brief visit to the orphanage doctor. The nannies took Shawna and a few others over to the doctors office and brought them back pretty quick. Not sure what that was all about. She seems fine and doesn't look to be getting sick at all. Maybe just a check-up. I don't know....

Here's another cute picture from Tuesday's visit. Shawna was standing for a few minutes!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Paka, paka!


  1. I love the pictures, especially the close up of Shawna, she has such a pretty smile and the most beautiful eyes. The photo of Lindsay drawing is too cute! :)


  2. Somehow I unfollowed your blog on accident?! I missed all of the new posts and pictures. I am following again now. The girls are so beautiful. I LOVE Shawna's big smile!!!