Monday, December 12, 2011

We are here! We are here!

We arrived last Saturday evening and have spent the last two days resting up and recovering from the long trip... 21 hours from first take-off to last landing! Our bodies were a little achey from sitting for so long, but we are rested and refreshed and ready for the next step in this awesome adventure.

We have been able to spend some wonderful time with another adopting family here and take in some of the sites nearby. We also met and spent some time visiting with a precious group of folks that have a bible ministry to orphanages in their town. It was wonderful to learn about their ministry and the difference they are trying to make for the children near and dear to them.

With the help of our new local friends, we were able to try some of the traditional foods from this country. It was very good and we are looking forward to going back again!

The weather has been very nice since we arrived. It was raining when we came in, but yesterday and today it has been cold, but dry and pleasant. We have been able to get out and walk around and explore a little of the area and locate the grocery store and the supermarket.

We finally got the internet connection up and running in our apartment, so we are now online and ready to update a little more regularly. We should be able to post a few pictures tomorrow.

We will meet with the adoption authority on Wednesday to make it all official and we should be meeting our girls for the first time this Friday.

Please continue to keep us and our family in your prayers while we are here. Things are going very well, and I believe that it's due to your prayers that keep all of us continually covered.

It is now time to share the computer and sign off for now!

Paka, paka!



  1. It sounds like everything is off to a good start. Continued prayers!! Update when you can :-)

  2. Praying!!! So excited for you guys!!!!!

  3. Good luck to you with the process in the upcoming days and of course meeting your girls.

  4. So so excited! Please let me know if there is anything I can do here for y'all!!! I absolutely cannot wait to see you with those precious girls!!!