Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 12 -

Today we had our regular visit and paperwork stops. One stop was to file the petition to the court. We don't have a firm date, but looks like it will be one day next week!

When we arrived, they brought the girls out to the little entry area and sat Lindsay down on the bench. She looked around for a second and as soon as she spotted Daddy, she got the biggest smile on her face and reached over to him! She was really excited today and a little louder, too. Shawna seemed a little more alert this morning, too!

We had a good visit again and got to watch Lindsay practice some more walking. She's able to take a few steps between two people, or to cruise with something to hold onto (hands, chair, wall...). She does not walk very far on her own. I have no doubt she'll be running in no time once we can get her some therapy started.

Little Shawna is so small, but so quiet, sweet and gentle. I had a chance to check the size of her clothing. The pants she was wearing was 3T, as in the size of a typical 2-3yr old toddler. Oh my heart!  I couldn't find the size tag on her shirt, but I'm sure it was probably the same size.

I received a cute picture of our daughter S, when she went to visit Santa this week. So cute! But after spending the last few days with these two children, she looks just enormous at 5 yrs old!

Before we left, we tried to get a couple pictures that we might be able to use for their national passport applications. Not the best, but there aren't many passport photos that do anyone any justice....

We spent our evening attending a bible study with some new friends that we've made here.

Have a wonderful day, as we head off to sleep!


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  1. Julia was wearing a 2t when we met her last November. She is now wearing a 4T. You will be so surprised at how fast the girls will grow once you are home. You are also right about the girls starting to walk after they get some therapy... Julia was not walking when she came home, but a short 3 months later she was walking around. So glad you might have a court date next week.