Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 24 - Happy New Year!

So 2012 is starting off with a bang.... well lots of them! Folks around here are still shooting off fireworks well into the night. We can't always see them, but they make a racket all over town as they echo in between buildings. We were told that there is a large fireworks factory here and that they are rather inexpensive.

Group Hug!

We had our first visit with the girls for the new year. Today was a great day! The girls were happy to see us and we sure missed them over the weekend. We bought a lighted wand when we were at the festival on the square. We were pretty sure that Lindsay would like it since she liked my little flashlight. And she did! It captured her attention for most of the visit. She didn't particularly like the setting that made sounds, but she liked the blinking lights.

There are all kinds and colors of stockings for kids to wear. This particular pair reminded us of Wonder Bread! :)
Lindsay loves lights.
They are both fascinated with the light wand.
 Shawna hung out with me most of the time. I brought a hairbrush and some tangle spray and fixed her hair with a bow clip. She was cute and the bow matched the shirt she was wearing today. We got some precious giggles from Shawna, too. I was trying to get her to stand up, but she would bend over and try to touch the floor. She would laugh and giggle each time! Lee got some of it on video.

I got out the bubbles today and Shawna really liked them. She would smile and try to reach out and pop them. Another little girl came out and was popping the bubbles too.
I love bubbles!

Toward the end of our visit, Luda, one of the caretakers, was showing us some of the things Lindsay can do. She was pronouncing Lindsay's name to her and trying to get her to repeat it back to her. Finally, Lindsay said it!!! It was so cute! She only did it one time though, but we were super excited to know that she can! We were also able to see that she can understand quite a bit of what's ask of her.  Luda was getting Lindsay to jump, walk, stand up and walk between her and Lee. I think Luda is really working with all the children in the groupa to help them learn to do things on their own. And she really seems to care about all the kids in their house.

As we were preparing to leave, we watched as she was guiding Shawna to the table to sit down for lunch. She was helping her to sit down in the chair with only a little help.

We spent the afternoon shopping around for some shoes or boots for the girls, as well as a stroller. So far,  I haven't been able to find a stroller that doesn't cost a small fortune. I'm going to have to ask around to find some other places to look for one. Right now, I'm really wishing I had brought one from home.

Stephanie and Carrie - In front of the Euro 2012 display.

And here are a couple of pictures from New Year's Eve...
Waiting for fireworks...

"I may look poofy, but I'm warm!"
Carrie & Lee


  1. Happy New Years! Lindsay's tights do remind me of Wonder Bread :-P The expression on Shawna's face as you blew bubbles is priceless.

  2. Don't forget to "move that ticker".. (said in the Ty Pennington voice of 'move that bus'... so glad the funds are continuing to roll in...