Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 32 - No court date, just yet.

Today, we went with our attorney and stopped by the court to check on an appointment.  We didn't get the news we were hoping to hear. The court will not issue any new appointments until this Thursday and we won't have a court date before Monday.  It wasn't what we wanted to hear, but there's not much we can do about it.  We'll wait for Thursday and see how things unfold then.

Each day we arrive, the girls seem happier to see us. We are greeted with giggles and smiles each morning.  We're getting used to our routine in the little entry way.

Shawna even made a few new sounds that I hadn't heard before. I was getting a notebook and pen from my purse and I heard something.  I looked over at Shawna and she was holding her arms up for me to pick her up!  Made my day!  When I picked her up, she gave me a big, hearty giggle!  She just loves to be held.

Lindsay was happy with Daddy singing to her!  She gets so focused and listens so intently when he's singing songs.  It's really sweet to watch!  Today she seemed to be singing along with him.  She was trying to make sounds and nodding her head with him.

The doctor came by and I was able to ask a few more questions about their medical information.  They shared much of their health information when we met the girls.  But today, I was able to write much of it down so that I can relay this information to our pediatrician and medical providers when we get home.

Our visit went by quickly today.  On the way back to our apartment, I got a call from our friend Brenda. She was calling to invite us to the evening prayer service at church tonight.  I guess the Lord new we needed some good fellowship and prayer tonight.  The music and the message were just what we needed.

It's late so I'm off to bed.  I'll add pictures into the post, tomorrow.

Paka!  And dobre noche (good night)!


  1. They have accepted you as Mama and Papa then! :)


  2. Hi Carrie and Lee,

    I so enjoy reading your updates. Sorry I don't get a chance to leave a comment for each post. I'm sorry you didn't get your court date today. We will continue to pray that you get one early next week. I'm so glad Shawna and Lindsay are showing attachment to both of you. What a blessing!

  3. When in seemed like court would never come and I'd never return home to our other children, I wondered if maybe Seth just needed the extra time for bonding. Whatever it was, he knew us well enough by the time we got him out that he trusted us. We were familiar to him. We had no issues with anxiety or bonding. I know it's hard. Try to look for the positive. If not, you will slowly go crazy!