Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Few More Pictures

Here are a few more pictures that I didn't get to insert into earlier posts.

There is a gas station that we pass everyday on our way to the orphanage. It's called AeroMarket and the station looks like an airplane! The nose of the plane is where the attendants are and the rear of the plane is a little storage area, I think. Then there is a little supermarket store behind it. This is so unusual, but fun!

We'd been wanting to get a picture of this place, so Lee took the opportunity when we had to make a pit stop for gas.

Side view...

Front view...
Our driver, Kirill. A great guy!

Here is a picture of the "Little Pink House" in the snow.

This was taken from our apartment window on Monday when it was snowing heavily outside.
Monday, Jan 23rd - A view from our apartment window
Here is a picture from the guys who were practicing American football inside the gym. Usually we see guys playing indoor soccer, but this was a first to see football (with shoulder pads and helmets) in here. And yes, they were tackling on this hardwood gym floor. Ouch!
American football practice
And this is one of our favorite little restaurants that serves traditional Ukrainian foods. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is nice.
Ouside - No smoking in the right hut, smoking in the left hut.
Inside decor.
This place has the best borshcht soup! And the service was outstanding!

Just counting down the days to "Gotcha Day"...

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