Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 35 - Friday

Today marks our 5th week in this country!  Some days it feels like we've been her forever. Other days, it doesn't hardly seem like it's been that long.

As is our routine, we headed out to the orphanage for our morning visit.  The girls are always happy to see us. Today, the nanny was telling us, in Russian with miming gestures, that when she told Shawna that Mama and Papa were here she started smiling and laughing! As Lindsay comes out of the room, she heads straight for Papa with arms open wide!

We brought toothbrushes to see how the girls would respond. We know we'll have some work to do in that area.  Lindsay would close her lips and barely run the brush over her lips. Then wipe her lips off.  She refused to open her mouth.  It's funny because she puts all kind of toys in her mouth all the time. We figured she'd be interested in the toothbrush, too.  Shawna turned her face away at first, but eventually she let me touch her lips and tongue with the brush.  I had put a teeny-tiny bead of the kid toothpaste on it and she seemed to like the Tutti Frutti flavor. We'll have to make some baby-step progress in brushing. Poor Shawna has one large, obvious cavity on one of her front baby teeth. There is also some noticeable decay on her upper molars.  I've already talked to our pediatric dentist back home and we'll make a plan on how to get their teeth fixed and cleaned as soon as we can.

Even thought it was still the full 2 hours, our visit seemed to go by quickly.  Time flies when you're having fun!  The lunch they were serving the kids smelled really good, too. It was some kind of chicken-base broth with potatoes and onions.

We'll be resting and going to church over the weekend. We are so blessed to have made so many new friends in a city halfway around the world!

Paka, paka!

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