Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 25 - Snowing Again

I finally updated our ticker so you can see just how far our little ladybug is moving! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our journey to bring our new girls home. We truly appreciate each and every gift you have shared with us!!!

The morning started off sunny, but soon changed to cloudy. While we were inside visiting the girls, it began snowing outside. By the time we left, 2 hours later, there was a light blanket of snow on the ground. It was so pretty. But by late evening, the rain began falling and turning the snow into slush on the sidewalks. Should make for an interesting day tomorrow. Not sure if it's going to be wet or icy when we wake up.

We had a great day again at our visit with the girls. Unfortunately, we did not get any good pictures to share today.

I got Shawna to get up and walk a little for me this morning. She would giggle and laugh while I was holding her hands and getting her to take steps toward me. She would reach out and fall into my arms with the biggest smile on her face!

Lee was counting to 5 in Russian today with Lindsay. She was very intent as she watched his face and seemed to listen carefully to him. She even seemed like she was nodding her head as he was saying each number. It was as if she was trying to say it along with him! Even the nanny was smiling big when she saw Lindsay following along with him. I think she's a little smart cookie! Later she was even  copying Lee when he was tapping his fingers on the table.

I saw Lindsay get up from a seated position on the floor into a standing position all by herself.  She also likes to climb up into the big chair by herself.  Even though she's so thin, she's pretty strong.

Through friends, we were able to find a new driver that will cost a little less than the other drivers we were using to take us to the orphanage every day. His English is pretty good, too. This will help us keep some of the expenses down since our trip is taking a little longer.

Our hearts go out for the other little ones that we have been able to see while we are here. There is one little girl who keeps slipping out of her room and tries to come out to play with us in the little entry room. I'm not sure why she's there. She doesn't appear to have any physical or cognitive delays. She looks like a typical 5-yr-old.  Then there is a beautiful little boy with bright blonde hair who has Down syndrome. Probably about 2yrs old at most. Oh, how I would love to give him a few hugs! He was watching us and smiling at us today. Melted my heart.... I wish all of these kids could have the mamas and daddies that they need.

Off to bed!

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