Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 47 - A Sunny, Cold Day

Wednesday, January 25th

Our days sometimes seem rather repetitive and routine. But we know that routine will change soon enough!  Only 4 more "waiting days" before the paper chase begins again.

We awoke to a fantastically beautiful sunny day!  This was the first sunny day we've had in some time, so we were happy to have it. There is still snow everywhere, but most of the roads are clear. There wasn't as much traffic out and our driver said that probably most cars wouldn't start today because of the cold.  Even his car had trouble starting, but he managed to get it going!

Our visit with Shawna and Lindsay was a good one again today.  Our new friend, Papa, came to see his son again this morning.  It really warms my heart to see him and his son together.  He was trying to get Little A (his son) to say "Mama."  He would look at his dad and smile that sweet, sparkly smile and then he would make a little attempt to say it.  Oh, it was sweet!

It was really hard not to laugh when Little A manages to take off his shoe. Papa would go to put it back on and Little A would bust out laughing and pull his foot back.  I don't know if Papa was accidentally tickling is foot, or if Little A was making a game of it.  Maybe a little of both.... but, OH, was it ever hard not to bust out laughing myself.  Papa was trying to be firm with him to let him put the shoe back on, but that little sparkly smile was hard to resist!  I really had to hold back and not look so that I didn't "encourage" the game, and so Papa could get that shoe back on him.  Too funny!

After we left, we headed back to town and our driver helped us get some souvenir items to take home with us.  There were three beautiful buildings right around the square.
Church at the Park

Main Orthodox Church for this City/Region

Monsatery in Downtown

Then we spent the evening having a nice dinner out with some friends before we leave town later next week.

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  1. Hang in there! You guys are almost there. We were in U for 47 days and I was beyond ready to come home. I will say a special prayer for you guys today as you approach the end of your journey. I am looking forward to seeing your girls at home where they belong :)