Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 36 - Catch Up on Pictures!

OK! I know you come to visit for the pictures and I've been slack in keeping up with updates this week. So this post will be the week in review, in pictures!!!

Last Sunday evening we spent the afternoon/evening at Pastor Victor's house enjoying a delicious Christmas Dinner and playing Monopoly (in Russian!)
Christmas Dinner 1/8/2012 - This is before the roasted goose and mashed potatoes made it to the table!
Classic Monopoly in Russian

 These are some pictures from our visits with the kids during the week:

You can't see it here, but Lindsay is placing her hand on the side of Daddy's neck so she can feel the vibrations when he's singing to her. She also likes to put her hand on the front of his throat to feel them.  Later in the week she began putting her ear on his cheek to listen. It's  really neat to see how curious she is about his voice.  She is also beginning to sing along with him.
Lindsay checking out Daddy's singing voice.

Checking out the hair accessories!

Shawna with her favorite toy.
Warm and toasty in my pretty sweater!

Checking out this new toy cup.
Some days I just prefer to empty the bag. :)

We were excited when Shawna showed us she knows how to make the car go forward and back!
Riding the little Pooh Car.
A few pictures our Italian friends shared with us:
Lee, Carrie, Giusy (Josie) and Edoardo at the orphanage.
Making snowballs for a little fight!

Edoardo and Lee - "Good game!"

 Have a wonderful weekend!

Carrie & Lee


  1. I love the picture of Lindsay in her pretty sweater and one of Shawna with her new toy. Lindsay reminds me of Audrey Hepburn with her short hair, and Shawna is also so very pretty and cute.
    I love the story of Lindsay learning about music, what a sensitive, curious child she is!
    Hopefully you get to bring them home soon, so you can have all your children under your wings.


  2. Aww!It`s so sweet to know and see how Lindsay loves how daddy sings and checks out his singing voice.What a smart girl!Both girls are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.We praying for you!

  3. Lee & Carrie,

    I really enjoyed all of the new photos and your EE Christmas update. Still praying for a court date for you guys. The girls look wonderful.