Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 33 - Fewer Orphans!

So sorry for the delays in posting this week.  We've been just coming and going and plodding along this week.

On Wednesday, we were happy to learn that there are two fewer orphans in our circle of friends!  The Italian family that is here adopting from the same orphanage was awarded their adoption on Tuesday afternoon!  The are now the proud parents of Miss Olga V! This little girl is so darn happy to have a family, I wish you could the the joy that lights her face when they arrive to see her each day!

And our friends, Corey and Stephanie Kimble, were granted their adoption of their second daughter! They'll be back in our city this week to finish paperwork and have their "Gotcha day"

It was a good day! Both families still have to wait for the 10-day appeal period, but they are happily anticipating the day they take their little ones home for good!

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