Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 28 - It's Christmas Eve, again!

It's Christmas Eve, again! Tomorrow is the official Christmas holiday for the Orthodox Church here. We have enjoyed seeing all the Christmas decorations for a while longer than we'd normally see them back home!

The weather is warming up and has been close to 40F this week with rain and drizzle. And I packed so many extra-warm sweaters and shirts. Wishing I had brought a few lighter, long-sleeved shirts as well. Oh, well... live and learn!

We went to our regular visit again today. The girls were great, as they usually are!

We're planning to stay in and lay low this weekend. I have felt a bit of cold trying to come on, so I'm going to stay in and rest up and try to fight it off before we go back to visit on Monday.

Hoping for our court appointment to be one day next week, preferably Tuesday or Wednesday. Would you please pray for us that we will get word soon on our appointment? Thanks!

Paka, paka!

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