Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 48 - Winter is officially here!

Thursday, January 25th

It was sunny and beautiful again today. Thank heaven!  I love living in Texas because I love the sunshine.  It's still nippy outside, and our driver told us that it got down to about -15C/5F last night.  When we headed out this morning, it was already up to -10C/14F.  Brrrr!  That was about the high temperature for today.

We are now down to 3 "waiting" days!  Oh, it's now beginning to pass quickly. We are trying to squeeze in our last bit of shopping and visits with friends before we leave.
In the car, on the way!
Our visit today started off well.  Lindsay saw Lee peeking through the door when we arrived and she began smiling really big and laughing!  Shawna greeted us with her giggles.  Lindsay seemed very hungry this morning as she immediately began rummaging through the toy bag looking for the banana halves.  I don't know if it's the colder weather that might be making her hungrier than usual. We went ahead and let them have their snack right away.

It wasn't long before Papa came in again to visit Little A!  It's been nice to share our little visiting room with them this week. I hope we can get a picture of them, but we'll have to ask permission, first.

"Jumping" with a little help :)
She really likes this rattle.
Lindsay did well for a while until she spotted the little bag of crackers I had on my purse.  Boy did she have lock-on!  She wasn't going to rest until she had that cracker.  It is sad that she seems so hungry or obsessed about food.  We gave her the cracker a bite at a time so she wouldn't try to eat it all in one bite.  She settled down and played for a while, until the nannies left with the dishes to get lunch from the kitchen.  Then she was almost inconsolable.  Poor girl...

She also seemed to be overstimulated and refused to be held or consoled.  Being unable to let her just sit on the floor and to give her some space, makes it hard. I think she was just tired of being held. She was tired of  us picking her up off the bare floor.  She was hungry.  She'd had enough.  I can certainly understand!  But when the nannies tried to take her back to the room so she could regroup, she cried even harder.  I think she knew it wasn't quite time for us to go, either.

I'm looking forward to the day next week that we can let her get down, move around, spread her wings and explore.  We can play and have room to move around freely.
Daddy playing a computer game.

Since it was about 7F tonight, Lee decided to try the "throw the hot water outside and watch it freeze in mid-air" experiment. It mostly worked. I think a little bit may have hit the ground, but not much!

Off to stay warm!
Paka, paka!

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