Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 50 - A Couple of Goodbyes

Friday, January 27th

We arrived at the orphanage again this morning. Papa and Little A were already visiting in the little entry way. It's been so good to see them together!  We asked if we could take their picture together and Papa said that we could.  We promised to have the pictures printed and to bring them with us on Monday.  We learned that Papa was leaving on a train this weekend and wouldn't be there, but we said we would leave the pictures with the nannies to give him when he returned.

So here they are!  Can't you see what a proud Papa he is?!
Papa and Little A
Lindsay was in a much better mood throughout our visit.  She still seemed hungry and was looking for the banana, but we were able to play for a while before she insisted on the snack. When it was lunch time, Lee had taken Lindsay back to the groupa room.  And Lindsay was OK with it as long as Lee stayed in the room. When he kissed her head and turned to leave, she turned and started grabbing for him. She didn't want him to leave.  This is a big deal since she is always VERY interested in lunch and would be completely happy to sit at the table and wave "bye" as she's waiting for the food to be served.
Lindsay - who doesn't slow down for pictures
So he left the room and I walked Shawna into the room, next.  Luda and I got her to sit in a chair at the little table as the other nannies readied the lunch bowls. Lindsay was still refusing to sit at the table, even though she was hungry. I tried to get her to sit in the chair, but then she turned and grabbed my shirt and pulled me to her. She didn't want me to go, either.

It was hard to leave and she obviously didn't want us to go.  Luda told us that she knows we are Mama and Papa and she doesn't want us to leave.  Soon enough, little lady, we'll all leave there together!  It's actually a bit of a good sign that she has begun to show some preference for us and a want for us to stay with her.  There is still a long, long way to go, but it's nice to see these small beginnings of an attachment starting to form.

Poor Shawna has the reddest little cheeks this week.  They've been dry and pink most for the last few weeks, but more so this week as the weather is much colder and drier.  Ive been putting some lotion on them, but I can't wait to get home and use the good stuff on those little cheeks. My two favorite treatments are Aveeno and Eucerin branded lotions.

Today was our last day to ride with Kirill.  He has recently applied for a job as a software tester and he starts this new job on Monday. He's really excited about it!  So we said our farewells this afternoon as he brought us back to our apartment. He's really a nice guy and his English is pretty good.  We'll definitely miss him as one of our new-found friends.

But the timing couldn't have been better.  Isn't God good that way?  Next week we will do all the paperwork to finalize the adoption, get passports and such.  We'll have to spend this time with our facilitator running around town getting it all done. And then we'll get the girls out on Wednesday.  So we'll be done with the daily drives to the orphanage anyway!  God's timing is perfect!  Kirill finished one job just in time to start another!

We went this evening and had the photos printed for Papa and I can hardly wait for him to see them!  I just wish I could see his face... but it's likely that today was our last day to see him. Oh, how I will pray for him and Little A, and the rest of their family.

Just two more "waiting days"!

Paka, paka!


  1. Awe....that is one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. His poor Papa. I bet he wishes he could take him home. I wish we could say, "You can! You can!"

    I am sure by now the girls are wondering, "If this is my momma and papa, why do they keep leaving without us." SO, SO happy that there are just a couple short days left before they walk out of there with yall for good!

  2. Oh my heart breaks for this man. I can't imagine living there and the feeling of helplessness he must feel. Praying for you. It has been a long time coming but soon you will be home with your precious girls!:)