Thursday, January 5, 2012

Days 26 & 27 -

Day 27 - Thursday -  A Puppet Show

Today we arrived and things were a bit different. There weren't very many kids in the room when we arrived. They brought Lindsay and Shawna out right away - we didn't have to wait for diaper changes or getting them dressed. We visited in our usual place for a little bit when a couple of women came in the front door with something that looked like a backdrop for a show or something. Then a couple of other ladies came in that we haven't seen before. A bit later, we heard someone playing "Somewhere My Love" on the piano in the room. The girls were immediately drawn to the music!

It wasn't much longer before they brought all of the kids from the other groupa room into the room with the backdrop. We were also invited in and we took seats in the back. It was a puppet show they were doing for Christmas (Orthodox). The play was cute and the piano player was also the narrator. Unfortunately, we don't understand much Russian, but the kids loved the little puppet show. I was in heaven because I could finally see some of the sweet little faces that we can only catch glimpses of when doors open and close.
Holiday Puppet Show
Lindsay and Shawna with their gift.
Lindsay was not interested in picture taking today, so this is the best one we were able to catch.

After it was over, we went back to our little room to continue playing. Today, we brought a 1/4 of a banana for each of the girls. Lindsay dove right in ate her piece quickly. Lee gave her one small animal cracker after that. We're learning that she will quickly scarf any food you give her. When we finally get home, we'll have to work on getting her to eat slower. Shawna wasn't too sure at first and turned her face away. I was able to put a little taste on her lips and that got her attention. I gave her little bites at a time and she ate the whole piece, too. It was sweet to see her licking her lips and smiling between bites! We're told she won't eat any hard foods so we didn't offer her any cookies.
Shawna - Miss Photogenic!

The girls seemed a little more relaxed after we offered them a snack. Usually, Lindsay is so hungry by the end of our visit, that when the ladies come in with lunch that she is ready to leave us and head to the table. Today she was content and took a few minutes more to spend with us before she had to go back to the room.

Day 26 - Wednesday

Lindsay seems so hungry toward the end of our visit. We brought a banana and a little bag of animal crackers for a snack. When Lindsay saw that we had food she was determined to get at it. Daddy offered her a cookie and I think she only chewed two times and swallowed it fast! We didn't want to give her too much so she wouldn't spoil her appetite for lunch. But that girl was determined to have more. Instead of giving her more cookies, he gave her about 1/4 of a banana. He gave it to her in small pieces so she wouldn't eat it in one bite. When it was finished, she still wanted more. He showed her the peel, and she had to keep checking it over and over again to make sure that it was all gone. I felt so bad for her to know that she is so hungry. She kept looking around for the bag that had the cookies. Eventually, she settled down and played with the lighted wand for a while.

Shawna was her usual sweet, quiet self. She seems to be more relaxed and is beginning to initiate more. I was sitting beside her on the little bench and I was talking to her when she reached her arms up so that I would pick her up. When I picked her up, she wrapped her arms around my neck and put her head on my shoulder....Warmed my heart! She's definitely a snuggle-bug!


  1. Oh my gosh, it made me cry...they are so very, very sweet... I am so relieved that they will get to go home soon to get all the cuddles and animal crackers they could possibly dream of.


  2. Love these girls!!!! I am the new baby sitter! ;-)