Monday, January 23, 2012

Days 42 - 44 - The Weekend

Day 42 - Friday, January 20th

Today we went to our regular visit to see the girls in the morning. They were happy to see us and we were just as happy to see them!  We were able to share with the nannies that the court named us as Mama and Papa! They were happy, too!

Friday evening we spent the evening at church with our friends Brenda and Willard.  They have been great friends to us while we've been here. There were special services this weekend with a guest speaker visiting from Oklahoma.  The worship music was awesome and the message was great. 

Day 43 -  Saturday, January 21st

We give our driver the weekends off, so we spent the afternoon relaxing.  Later we joined some friends for another round of Monopoly in Russian! 

It's been snowing the last couple of days. On the way home we saw the prettiest snow. As it was accumulating on the ground, it was a beautiful crystalline that gave off an iridescence from the store signs.  Now I'm beginning to understand why the Eskimos have many different words for snow. We have already experienced a handful of different types of snow since we've been here.  Some wet and sticky, some dry and dusty, and some pretty and sparkly!

Day 44 - Sunday, January 22nd

Today was a typical Sunday for us. We head for church with the folks at Calvary Chapel.  On the walk there, we have found a wonderful little shop that has some delicious pastries.  The cherry danishes and the chocolate croissants are wonderful.

The church meets in a rented room located at a recreation center here in town.  There is usually a game of indoor soccer going on in the gymnasium, just outside the door.  Today, before service started there was the usual soccer game going.  I walked out of the room after service, to go downstairs, and there was a large group of guys in dressed in football (American) jerseys, shoulder pads and helmets inside the gym.  It definitely caught my attention, because you don't usually see American football over here.  Soccer is the main sport.  I wondered what they would be doing in their gear in a gym.  After I returned upstairs,  I realized they were practicing and were actually playing tackle on that hardwood gym floor.   I couldn't believe it.  I have to note that as funny things you never expect to see.

For dinner we planned to meet up with our Italian friends for a final evening out before they get their daughter from the orphanage and head back to the capital city.  Things didn't quite work out, as I goofed and we ended up at two different restaurants and didn't get together after all.  We have really grown fond of them and we are happy to call them friends.

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