Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 46 - A Simple Day

We set out for our typical routine of a day... but with a big dose of snow in the mix!  It snowed for most of the night and it was extra chilly this morning.  Somewhere around -9C/16F.  And the temperature is still falling... Brrrrrrr!  It's supposed to be even colder over the next 3-4 days.

Because of the snow on the road and some slippery places along our usual route, our driver took us a new way today through the back roads.  It was fun to see some new scenery!

When we arrived this morning, before we even entered the building, we could hear Lindsay crying in the room. Poor girl had big tears on her cheeks. :(  Luda told us that she has been crying all morning and that they were not sure why.  Once we got settled in our little room, Lee picked her up and started singing to her.  She rested her chin on his shoulder, placing her ear on his cheek and she listened quietly as he sang.  Daddy seems to hold the magic touch.  She was quiet for several minutes when the nanny came out to check on her.  She was very surprised that Lindsay was quiet and thought that maybe she'd fallen asleep.  But she wasn't... she was just soaking in Daddy's songs.

Once she settled down, we gave each girl a 1/2 of a banana for a snack.  Lindsay didn't get upset or cry anymore for the rest of our visit.

We were blessed to see the Papa had come back to visit his son again today!  That just warms my heart!  We all had a good time hanging out in the little room this morning.

We came back to our apartment and had some soup for lunch.  Planning to stay in stay warm this evening.

Paka, paka!

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  1. It warms my heart to hear about Lindsay's response to your presence - and about that dad coming again to see his child! Will you try to stay in touch with him after going home?