Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 31 - Another Christmas Treat

We returned to our daily visits to the orphanage.  The weather is still rainy and wet.

The girls were glad to see us after our weekend rest and recovery time. We are both feeling much better and are beating whatever bug was trying to get us down.

When we came in, the nannies asked us to wait a minute. A few minutes later, they invited us again into the groupa room and we sat on the couch.  All the kids were sitting in the chairs again, obviously waiting for something to happen.  We were about to be treated to another little Christmas treat for the kids.

A lady came in that we had recognized as the piano player at the puppet show last week. Then an Orthodox Priest came in and addressed the group as we were waiting. Then our players came into the room. They presented a cute little skit of sheep, a shepherd and a wolf. Unfortunately, we couldn't understand the words, but the kids did a great job. They ended the play with a hearty, "Slava Bogu!" which means, "Praise God!"  Then our budding thespians handed out a small package of cookies to each child.

We continued our visit in the entry way.  We were told the kids could have only one of the cookies so they wouldn't spoil their lunch or get overwhelmed by the sugar. Lindsay was intensely interested in the package of cookies. Knowing her, she would have devoured the cookies in record time. Shawna doesn't eat any hard foods, so we decided to offer them both a piece of banana, first. Once they finished those, then we let Lindsay eat one of the cookies. She loved it! I think she'll probably eat just about anything we'd offer her. :)

Afterward, we noticed that Lindsay's diaper was full and was heavy in her pants. I took her back over to the groupa room to ask the nannies about changing her diaper. As the nanny took Lindsay from my arms, Lindsay started crying and was reaching back for me.  Poor girl.  I think she thought I was going taking her back so we could leave.  We weren't leaving.  It wasn't even close to lunch time, yet.  She was not happy.  I offered to change her diaper, but they insisted, and indicated they'd bring her back to me.  I heard her crying the whole time, even if it was only a matter of minutes.  When she came back, Lindsay had big tears running down her cheeks.  Once she saw we were still there, and that Shawna was, too, she settled down and was back to her cheerful self. 

We were happy to see that she showed some preference for staying with us.  It also showed us that she understood the concept of what time it was and that it wasn't time that we should be leaving yet.  Once lunchtime came around, she was ready to go eat, but she showed a little hesitation in going back to her room.

Overall, it was a very good visit. Tomorrow (Tuesday) our attorney will go to the court to see about an  appointment for our hearing.  She'll also help us meet again with the doctor to ask a few more questions about their health history so we can make notes to share with our pediatrician when we get them home.

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