Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days 38 & 39 - Good news

On Monday we went to our regular morning visit. We joke more and more about how it seems like the movie Groundhog Day! I plan to find some new toys to take tomorrow to change up the offerings. Shawna is always content with one particular rattle toy.  Lindsay seems to lose interest in toys more easily. She'd much rather be on the move!

We heard from our attorney this evening. She has an appointment with the court chairman to find out when we can schedule our court date. We hope to know more by the late afternoon on Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, Lee decided to go to the early morning prayer meeting at the church. So he headed out early and would be back in time to go to the orphanage.

We had a little mix-up in our language communication Monday afternoon, and our driver didn't show up this morning. But I take full responsibility for the confusion. We called him and decided to go ahead and visit the girls in the afternoon, after their nap time.  We had been wanting to visit during the afternoon to see if there was any difference in their attentions or behaviors later in the day.  We arrived around 4pm and stayed until 6pm.  I'm happy to report that they are completely the same!  Both cheery and quite happy to see us!   Shawna was actually quite a giggle-box this afternoon.  Lindsay was even a little more relaxed.  It was nice!

On our way back to town, our attorney called us.  She said that she has finished her meeting at the court and we have a judge assigned to our case.  We WILL have court tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, but the time was not confirmed, yet.   She will find out by 10am exactly what time we will go before the judge!

Slava Bogu (Praise God!)!  That was just the news we have been waiting to hear.  It seems to have taken so long to get to this point.  But, all is well!  We will present our petition to the judge and ask to adopt Lindsay and Shawna, and to be named as their parents. We pray that our petition will be granted. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. This is just the next step.

If we receive a favorable decision, then we will wait 10 days to allow for any appeal to be filed. If there are no appeals presented to the court during that time, then we will receive our official court decree. At that point we will begin the final paperwork and be close to coming home!

Dobre noche! (Good night!)

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